Sandy Oasis

The Banje Beach restaurant lounge & club day beach soirees are just as infamous. What makes this sandy oasis complete is perfect relaxation on the lounge chairs and exotic bamboo beds with baldachines sipping the cocktails or enjoying the body massages.

Explore Dubrovnik’s Nearby Attractions

Swimming in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea is the perfect way to chill out. For a more luxurious experience, Water Sports at Banje Beach offers catamaran excursions to explore the nearby famous City Walls or island hopping, starting with the romantic Lokrum Island

Elegance and Relaxation by Day

During the day, unwind and relax with luxurious massage services or enjoy the elegance of our beachside setting. Indulge in delicious food, exquisite cocktails, and fine champagne. Experience the comfort of canopies and the beauty of stunning views, all while soaking up the serene and relaxed beach atmosphere.

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