Beach & lounge bar

Banje Beach is a sensational place to relax and to be seen and has quickly become the hippest place in Dubrovnik. The Banje Beach restaurant lounge & club day beach soirees are just as infamous. What makes this sandy oasis complete is perfect relaxation on the lounge chairs and exotic bamboo beds with baldachines sipping the cocktails or enjoying the body massages.

Swimming into the crystal-clear sea of the Adriatic is the perfect chill out. For uplifting the spirits the Club offers luxurious speed boat for exploring the nearby famous City Walls or island hopping starting from the closest – the island of love – Lokrum. During the day unwind and relax with the service of massages or party with the resident DJ that will mix hot international sounds. During the night, an exotic and fashionable atmosphere, surrounded by torches and candles, to party the night away.
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